Do you offer delivery?

We do offer delivery within 10 miles of our farm. 

How does delivery work?

Subscribers will be emailed 7-10 days prior to the start of their subscription. This email will contain additional details.

  • Delivery can be contactless. We do recommend that subscribers utilizing contactless delivery leave a container of water in a shady area for their flowers to be placed into. 

Can I order extra flowers with my subscription?

Absolutely!  If you would like additional flowers for a party or to give as a gift, just send us an email (preferably 24 hours in advance) and we’d be happy to add an additional bouquet to your subscription. 

How do I care for my flowers?

After receiving your flowers, please give the stems a little trim and place them in clean water (with a little flower food mixed in) as soon as possible. Please be sure to remove all leaves that would be below the waterline. Changing the water frequently and keeping flowers cool and out of direct sunlight will extend the life of your cut flowers!  Some blooms last longer than others, so simply remove the ones that have aged, keeping the bouquet looking fresh and new.


When and where can I pick up my bouquet subscription?

The first pick up date will be communicated to subscribers 7 - 10 days prior. There may be a few week variation in start date due to weather/flower growth. Bouquets will be picked up from our farmstand on our farm on your chosen day from 4:30-7:30 pm.


What if I can’t pick up my flowers on time?

If you won’t be able to pick your bouquet, you are welcome to send a friend or neighbor to pick up on your behalf.  Unfortunately, we are unable to hold bouquets past the designated pick-up date/time.  Additionally, we cannot offer replacement bouquets to accommodate missed pick-ups.

Rather than send someone to pick up your bouquet, you can also choose to donate your bouquet. We will drop it off to a local care facility on your behalf.


What are my responsibilities as a Graceful Acres Bouquet Subscription Member?

  • Please confirm that you are receiving our emails. Please check your spam and promotions tab, and notify us immediately if you don’t receive an email about your purchase or your weekly  reminder email.
  • Please pick up your bouquet at the designated time and place or have someone else pick it up on your behalf (or choose to have it donated).
    • (If desired, please bring a vessel with water for pickup. All black buckets must stay at our farmstand.)
  • If utilizing contactless delivery, please leave a container of water in a shaded location for the bouquet to be placed into.
    • Please notify us of any problems with your bouquet within 24 hours.

    What does Graceful Acres promise to their subscription members?

    • Provide members with farm fresh, quality cut flowers
    • Have the bouquets ready at the designated time and location
    • Deal with any issues or concerns in a timely manner

    Farming is at the mercy of many types of weather/pest related risks, and consistent quantities of a certain type of harvest cannot always be guaranteed. As this is the case, there is a possibility of unforeseen, uncontrollable issues causing us not to be able to fulfill our weekly subscriptions. This may result in postponing pickup for a certain week. We do not foresee this, and we do all that we can to mitigate this risk, but we want to be transparent and upfront with you!


    How will I be contacted?

    We will communicate with subscribers via email. We also have an Instragram and a Facebook where we post pictures and stories about what is happening on our farm.


    What is the cancellation/refund policy?

    No refunds are available for cancellation of bouquet subscriptions once purchased.

    You do have the option to sell your bouquet subscription or split it with a friend!

    • Please let us know via email if you sell/split your bouquet subscription.
    • Please note that a specific week cannot be refunded due to being unable to pick up. Please feel free to send a friend or relative to pick up the bouquet on your behalf or choose to have your bouquet donated.


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